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Grizzly One

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Grizzly One is North America's first liquid polyurethane glue. (European craftsmen have favored these adhesives for decades.) Ideal for bonding wood – even oily and exotic species – Grizzly One is a ready-to-use viscous liquid that’s ideal for interior or exterior applications. Construction professionals and woodworkers alike choose Grizzly One for many reasons:

  • Wide Selection of Package Sizes
  • Generous Working Time of 25-35 minutes
  • Short Clamp Time of 2-5 hours (fully cures in about 12 hours)
  • Readily Stains and Can Be Colored
  • Low Consumption Rate
  • Viscosity: 7500 cps
  • Expands as It Dries
  • Sands and Scrapes Easily
  • Doesn’t “Creep”

Reviews (4)

Sherrie Oct 4th 2022

Great product

I have used this product for many years and have always been pleased with the quality and outcome. I highly recommend it.

Bob the Builder Nov 27th 2017

Grizzly One

I've been using this for several years & find it much nicer to work with than the 2 well known alternatives. It's lower viscosity & longer working time make my life much easier. My only suggestion would be to make this available in a smaller size. Since I only use a few ounces at a time, half of a 16 oz bottle hardens before I get to finish it. I would gladly buy a case or a 6-pack of 8 oz bottles just so I didn't have so much waste.