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Grizzly One is North America's first liquid polyurethane glue. (European craftsmen have favored these adhesives for decades.) Ideal for bonding wood – even oily and exotic species – Grizzly One is a ready-to-use viscous liquid that’s ideal for interior or exterior applications. Construction professionals and woodworkers alike choose Grizzly One for many reasons:

  • Wide Selection of Package Sizes
  • Generous Working Time of 25-35 minutes
  • Short Clamp Time of 2-5 hours (fully cures in about 12 hours)
  • Readily Stains and Can Be Colored
  • Low Consumption Rate
  • Viscosity: 7500 cps
  • Expands as It Dries
  • Sands and Scrapes Easily
  • Doesn’t “Creep”

Reviews (2)

HP Aug 4th 2017

Grizzly is Great!

We have used this product for years with great success and highly recommend it to others. It does exactly what we need and is superior to "gorilla glue"

Mike Riley Jun 8th 2017

As advertised

I highly recommend this product. This glue is great for so many things. I’ve used it on numerous different surfaces. It is truly multi-purposed. Easy to work and dries in just the right amount of time.