Best Outdoor Wood Glue

Grizzly Glues

Choose the Right Glue for the Job!

Grizzly Glue is a professional-strength polyurethane adhesive, available in 3 formulas and a range of sizes and quantities. Whatever your trade – whatever the job – find the glue that’s right for you AND right for your budget. Get a grip on all your gluing needs with Grizzly Glue!

Grizzly One

North America’s first liquid polyurethane glue – a high-tech adhesive widely used by European woodworkers and craftsmen for decades.

  • Ideal for professional, commercial, and industrial woodworking needs.
  • Even bonds to oily and exotic woods!

Grizzly Structan

This heavy-bodied, cartridge-loaded polyurethane adhesive is stronger than liquid polyurethane glues.

  • Perfect for wood, stone, tile, metal, and glass - dries to a tough elastic texture.
  • Industrial strength - ideal for professional and commercial applications.

Grizzly Xpress

All the strength and body of a semi-gel adhesive
with a quick setting and curing time.

  • The first and only semi-gel adhesive available in North America!
  • Quick, professional-strength bond for wood, stone, tile, metal, and glass.

Grizzly Glue The Glue That's Right For You

Unlike other construction adhesives, Grizzly Glue:

  • Doesn’t require mixing (one-part polyurethane)
  • Is Waterproof
  • Works for Interior AND Exterior Applications
  • Glues to Oily Woods and Wet Stone
  • Bonds to Any 2 Materials (when one is porous)
  • Is Non-hazardous and Can Be Shipped Overnight
  • Expands as It Cures for a Stronger Bond
  • Doesn’t Yellow with UV Exposure
  • Doesn’t Leave a Permanent Glue Line
  • Fills Non-structural Gaps
  • Requires LESS Glue Coverage than Other Adhesives

When you need an industrial-strength adhesive that’s affordable and easy to use, you need Grizzly Glue.

Grizzly Glues are specially formulated polyurethane adhesives that form unbeatable bonds on wood, plastic, glass, tile, metal – even stone! Construction-grade strong, yet easy to use, Grizzly Glue is tough enough to bear the test of time and the elements.

Grizzly Glue is available in 3 formulas and a range of sizes and quantities. Whether you need one tube or a bulk glue order, Grizzly Glue is the strongest, most cost-effective industrial adhesive on the market. Find the glue that’s right for you and get a grip on all your gluing needs!